Our Vision

Gain a sizeable market share in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry by becoming a national player before a decade from Inception.

Affordable Pharmaceuticals with uncompromised quality for India

Our Mission

Launch Preventive, innovative & affordable pharmaceutical products tailor made for Indian population.

Gain leadership in Acute care, pediatrics & general health with product focus in preventive care segment.

Launch patient friendly products which discourages self medication but improves medication adherence leading to better health.

EDG Pharmaceuticals

We boast of unparalleled expertise and experience in delivering quality medications.

Outstanding customer care is EDGs primary goal and we continually strive for excellence in all our processes.

Action plan

Focus on Acute health with affordable products. Launch preventive & protective child health products before 2018-19. Improve internal efficiency to focus on the worthy.

Along with product quality, emphasis to be made on Human resources quality to improve efficacy & efficiency to effectively deliver service of utmost quality.

Dr. Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman

A Clinician, A Social icon, Philanthropist, Educationist & a torch bearer with many awards from various national & international organisations for his service achievements in medicine, education & socially responsible initiatives.


Jul-Sept 2017 happenings

Sales Team

Training of the newly inducted sales team at Coimbatore.